This activity was initially nurtured in Tuen Mun District just over 4 years ago to provide an outlet for bored young males, aged between 11 – 17 years who had come to the attention of Police through the Superintendent’s Discretion Scheme and were in danger of falling into bad association. The aims were to provide a suitable venue for coaching and playing Basketball and form a team or teams, depending on numbers of those interested and assessed as being suitable for the programme. The activity then expanded to include similar ‘at risk’ young juveniles from Tsuen Wan area with weekly training sessions at Leung King Sports Centre, Tuen Mun on Saturdays between 11:00 – 13:00.  There are now some 40 kids on the books with 25+ turning up regularly. Regular competitions are held with local schools and teams participate in a local league. The Basketball programme has 2 paid qualified coaches and good support from Adidas (HK) Ltd, the Police Basketball Club and the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYGs), who are our partners in the programme, providing social workers, specialist assessments and guidance and mentoring for the participants. About 20 of the most deserving players have benefitted from participating in character building courses with the Outward Bound. Participants are normally expected to remain in the programme for at least 12 months to allow for sufficient time for assessment and development, however should they wish to stay on in the programme they are welcome to do so, and some of the team members have been in the programme now for about 4 years giving an indication to its success and popularity. These ‘senior’ members are encouraged to become role models and mentors within the group.