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PH RACE 八鄉障礙賽

To celebrate the 180th Anniversary of the Hong Kong Police Force, Police Public Relations Wing (PRW) held the “PH Race 2024” with 18-stages ,a total of 1.8m obstacle course embedded with various police elements, at JPC@Pat Heung on 23rd March 2024 (Saturday). 

Operation Breakthrough was invited to participated in the race together with over 400 members from different police divisions, elite units and JPC members. 

Breakthrough appreciates this opportunity for our members to have deeper understanding towards HK police about what they do and the obstacle course definitely challenged them physically and mentally, teaching them the importance of perseverance and positive attitude. 

We would like to thank PRW for the invitation and the continue support from HK Police and the volunteers. Together we can carry on making positive impact on many more youngster lives. 

為慶祝警隊180周年,第二屆「八鄉障礙賽」昨日於八鄉少訊中心舉行。今屆賽道設有18個關次,總長度約1.8公里,關次結合警務工作元素的多重障礙挑戰。 奮進行動中拳擊和跑步隊學員及逾400名警隊成員和各區少年警訊青少年參加比賽。




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