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Our Aims & Beliefs
Our Aims

To provide sporting and related activities, together with positive interaction with role models, to young people at risk. These programmes, which are voluntarily run by serving and retired police officers assisted by social workers, are aimed at exercising positive influences on young people including :
•      providing challenging environments
•      building self-confidence and self-esteem
•      developing leadership skills
•      fostering team spirit
•      acceptance of responsibility
•      prevent re-offending

•      building bonds and relationships with police officers thereby changing their perception of the Hong Kong Police​​

Our Beliefs

Persistent offending by young people is damaging to the community. Anti-social behaviour creates victims, destroys property, divides communities and costs money and resources that could be better spent elsewhere.

Operation Breakthrough recognizes and values young people and the problems they face. We support effective programmes and activities, which will involve young peoplewith a view to stopping them from re-offending. ​
Young people want to be listened to and be involved as contributing members of the community.

There is no single solution to the problem of juvenile delinquency and Operation Breakthrough intends to create a range of responses to help young people, adopting a multi-agency approach between the police and non-governmental bodies.

Breakthrough Directors
Breakthrough Directors

The Directors and committee members of Operation Breakthrough are Hong Kong  Police Officers who voluntarily give up their time, experience and advice to Breakthrough participants. Many of the officers have been involved from the very early days  in 1996. They all have a passion to use sport to make a difference and a change in the lives of young "at risk" individuals.​​

Chairman :

Mr. David Jordan


Directors :

Mr. Alan Liu

Mr. Amarjeet Singh

Mr. David Grant

Ms. Deny Leung

Mr. Francis Carroll

Mr. James Ting

Mr. John Carroll   

Ms. Kit Yuen       

Mr. Michael Dowie

Mr. Robbie McRobbie


Ambassadors :

Mr. Danny Lawley             

Mr. Ian Seabourne                   

Mr. Simon Southgate

Mr. Steve Tarrant 

Ms. Tsang Chiu-tong


Acknowledgement :  


A big thank you to all our supporters, helpers, sponsors and partners and most of all to the Breakthrough kids for working with us.

Message from the Directors

Operation Breakthrough uses sport as a means to help, rehabilitate and positively reinforce young people from disadvantaged backgrounds or families: helping to fight crime and juvenile delinquency amongst low income and immigrant communities. The project supports and continues to develop effective programmes and activities that take an integrated approach and offer realistic outlets and stimulation for young people, helping them to develop into responsible and positive thinking adults.

Operation Breakthrough provides sports and other related activities including self-development courses. The activities are aimed to provide both a positive interaction and influence on young people. We offer a wide spectrum of sports including rugby, boxing, football, contemporary dance, sailing, basketball, athletics, lion dance, judo and dragon boat racing. The coaching, delivered by police instructors and professional coaches and assisted by many unpaid police volunteers, teaches participants the importance of teamwork, trust, respect for others and discipline. Participants who demonstrate themselves to be either talented or devoted to their activities are rewarded with Outward Bound courses during which they are encouraged to develop their personal qualities.​

There have been many success stories including some of the participants going onto represent Hong Kong at international level, taking up full time jobs in disciplined services and forming their own sports clubs and committees.​

We are as always indebted to our generous sponsors without whom none of our activities would be possible.

Message from the Directors
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