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Breakthrough Success Stories
Ivan Chan

 Ivan Chan joined the Operation Breakthrough Rugby Programme at age 11 and since has been an immediate success. Now at 24 years old, he has played in national level representing Hong Kong Rugby Team in both Under 18's and Under 20's in countries like Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and United Kingdom etc. We are very proud of his achievements ​ 

Tank Lam

Tank Lam joined the Operation Breakthrough Rugby Programme at age 15 through a Superintendent's Discretion Scheme. Now at 26 years old, he has played in national Level representing Hong Kong Rugby Team in both Under 18's, 19’s and Under 20's in countries like Tai Wan, Singapore and Philippines. He currently coaching the police mini rugby team and the Operation Breakthrough under 19’s team.  

Sures gurung

Surez Gurung joined the Operation Breakthrough Boxing Programme at 14 through a Superintendent’s discretion Scheme. Now at 24 he has represented the Hong Kong Police Boxing team in many local boxing and international tournaments. In 2012, he made his Professional Debut fight under Hatton Asia Pacific Promotion Banner.Through the help of Operation Breakthrough, he graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with BSc (Hons) Events and Leisure Management.

Andy Leung (梁景安)

Andy leung joined the Operation Brekthrough Rugby programme at the age of 15. He had anger issues so He was recommended to operation breakthrough by his school teacher. He has represented HK U 18, U 20, Hk Scottish 1st team and now playing for the HK police team. At 2014 he graduated Hong Kong police College. Currently he working as Police constable in Mong Kok Police station. 

Law Ka Kin

Law Ka Kin David joined Operation breakthrough rugby programme in 2005 through his friends. He says “Most of rugby teammates were from disadvantaged backgrounds or families, however, the coaches, the social workers and the police instructors offered enormous support and guidance to us to help us develop into responsible and positive thinking persons. They changed lots of us.”


At 2013 he  graduated  Hong Kong Police  college and currently based at the Marine Police and playing for the Hong Kong Police rugby team. He is also mentors to help those Breakthrough kids who are interested in joining the Police force.

YIP Man-Kuen (葉文權)

Yip Man Kuen  joined Breakthrough in the operation breakthrough at the age of 13 through superintendents's discretion scheme. Through the programme he learn control his emotions, set goals and achieve it. He represented Hong Kong National team in many ocassion. Sports taught him  to learn how to respect people in the field whether its your teamamates or opposition team and enjoy game in a fair rules. 


At 2014 he  graduated at the Hong Kong Police college and recently represented Hong Kong police force in 2015 World Police and fire games.

WONG Kin-fai (黃健輝)

Wong King Fai Isaac joined Operation Breakthrough rugby programme in the 2006 through the Superintendent’s Discretion Scheme. Having played rugby for Operation breakthrough and Police Breakthrough Development; Isaac represented the HK National rugby team under 20’s squad in 2011/2012.


At 2013 he graduated at the Hong Kong Police college and now he is under  police tactical Unit.

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