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Adidas Hong Kong limited support to Breakthrough.

Adidas (HK) Ltd offered to join Breakthrough Basketball team with playing kit and balls in 2005 as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility Programme.

Having Adidas on board was a great boost for the activity as we were able to provide the kids with playing kit and, in particular, Basketball boots which can be expensive and up until this,only something the kids could dream about. In addition to kitting out the kids in proper playing attire and footwear,Adidas regularly provided prizes and souvenirs which were awarded to kids at various events. In addition to their strong support of Basketball activities, Adidas also regularly fielded a team to play against and mentor the Breakthrough kids. The support given by Adidas to the Basketball programme has helped ensure that the activity continues to thrive.

Following on from their involvement with Basketball, in 2009, Adidas offered to assist the recently formed Running activity by providing footwear and running singlets. As with Basketball, Adidas's involvement added impetus to the activity in that we were fortunately in a position to provide the kids with decent running kit and send them the message that someone was interested in them and trying to help and encourage them.

In 2011, Adidas continued their generous support for Operation Breakthrough by offering to provide dance attire to the Ladies Hip Hop Dance programme. This offer was gratefully accepted and the girls looked resplendent as they performed at various events,most notably at the opening of the various Breakthrough Boxing and Police Boxing Club's Boxing nights. Recently, Adidas (HK) Ltd have reinforced their standing as a very valued partner of Operation Breakthrough by agreeing to support the recently revived Soccer section through the provision of kit and balls. Operation Breakthrough greatly treasure's Adidas (HK) Ltd's involvement with us.

On 9th November 2014 some 35 Breakthrough kids from our Basketball and Running Activities participated in the Adidas Run for Love Charity Run, an annual event held on the Peak, in appreciation of Adidas' support. Below are few pictures from the event. The persons responsible for initiating and co-ordinating Adidas (HK) Ltd's involvement with Operation Breakthrough, Ms. Anne Tsui and Ms Bonnie NG are regular guests at Breakthrough events such as barbecues and Boxing nights.

From left Anne Tsui, Director of HR at Adidas (HK) Ltd, David Grant, Director of Breakthrough and Adrian Siu, Managing Director of Adidas (HK) Ltd.
Race about to Kick off.

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