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Rugby Update

I apologise for the delay since my last message but a top tip for my older less computer literate readers, don’t try and reduce disc space on your computer unless you are sure what you are doing. Anyway I think I have now recovered everyone’s details but if I have included you my mistake please let me know and I will delete you from the mailing list.

Over the last three weeks we have had games for all the teams. The U14s won 20-0; the U16s have had three matches winning one 17-10 and losing the other two; the U19 second team lost 32-17 and the U19 first team, playing their first match in the first division also lost 34-5. Unfortunately the girls also lost today by 6 tries to 7. Although on the face of it the results don’t look so good at both U14 and 16 we have played a lot of kids who were having their first game of rugby and the U19s at the first team level did much better than I expected and were competitive. The U19 second team just started badly, otherwise they could have won their match. So things are going well despite the results.

Below pictures of the U19 second team and the U16s. Fortunately our new kit has arrived since then so we are now all playing in Breakthrough kit rather than the Panda/Breakthrough mix, which looks much better.

Next week there are no matches as it is the Olympic Qualifying rugby tournament at the HK Stadium. If you haven’t got tickets yet you can get them on line and donate 20% of the cost to Breakthrough.

Please visit, select the type of tickets you want and enter the Breakthrough code at the bottom of the page then check out.

For every ticket purchased with this code, the Union will donate 20% of ticket price to Breakthrough.

The Breakthrough promotion code is: OBT88

So get buying. We are taking about 40-50 kids on the Saturday thanks to the HKRFU and Robbie is trying to get a few tickets for the Sunday for us. It should be fun.

Our next games are on 15 November and hopefully I will be sending you details next weekend, unless I mess my computer up again!!


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