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OPB Sailing team takes on the Hebe Haven 24hrs Race 2018 奮進行動風帆隊參與白沙灣遊艇會24小時慈善小艇賽2018

Hebe Haven 24hrs Charity Sailing race 2018 has come to an end last weekend.

Weather was perfect throughout the 2-day event, sunny and breezy.

It was an intense back and for 24hrs race, with 35 boats on the sea competing at the same time. Every lap, corner and change-over was so precise.

We started at 10th at overall and 3rd in our category. With consistent team effort, we climbed up to 8th & 2nd accordingly by Day 2 morning.

With 4 hours to go, there was a little accident, our rudder was broken and the boat was pulled back to the dock.

There was some ground to be made after the repairing. Team OpB fought very hard. At the end, we finished at 9th overall.

While we know, it is not all about result that we care. This event is also an opportunity for Re-union. Every year, we had numbers of former OpB participants, volunteers, instructors brought their families and friends dropped by and showed support.

We are not just proud of the skills our sailing team has showcased, also the true meaning of sports, “EFFORT” “TEAMWORK” & “FRIENDSHIP”.







為我隊的高超技術感到自豪之餘,我們也領會到體育精神的真諦 —「努力」、「團隊精神」及 「友誼」。

Photo credit: Herman Ng

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