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Operation Breakthrough boxers exchanged skills with Asia Champion

Boxing is one of the first sports introduced to the Operation Breakthrough program.

Most of our members start as complete beginners. With hours of practice and coaches’ guidance, some of them now see boxing as more than a hobby and are determined to further challenge themselves.

One of our coaches, Edwin Ng, a physical training instructor at the Police College as well as a boxing silver medalist at World Police & Fire Games 2015 decided to pass on his 18 years boxing experience to our OB youngsters.

On 17 Feb, Edwin led two OB boxers, Jay and Gavin to have a sparring session at DEF boxing gym, home to Hong Kong’s elite boxer, Raymond Poon, who recently defended his title as WBC Asia Light Flyweight Champion.

“This is an amazing opportunity for them to learn from the best, to exchange skills with one of the top boxers in HK.” Edwin said.

Between Jay, Gavin and Edwin, they shared 10 Rounds sparring with Raymond. After an intense afternoon, all boxers finished with a shirt that soaked with hard-earned sweat and a huge smile on their faces.

We asked Edwin what does he think the OB boxers do? “It is not easy mentally and physical to step in the ring with the Champ. I’m impressed with their performance. Our boys were fearless and they showed so much heart. However, if they want to get better, they need to work on their fitness and conditioning.” He said.

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