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Dragon Boat Team kicks start in 2019

Dragon boat is a popular team building sports as it quickly gets everyone working together and having fun. The sport of dragon boat racing has its roots in an ancient folk ritual of contending villagers, which dates back 2000 years throughout China.

It is not about individual skills as everyone in the boat must work together and paddle in perfect timing to reach the finish line. Every paddler has a unique job, encouraging leadership in each person. It’s all about collaboration, timing, effort, and putting the team before yourself. It is the perfect way to improve communication, strengthen bonds and encourage team work.

Operation Breakthrough Dragon Boat Team has been formed since 2006. Young service users come from deprived families; they are at-risk young persons vulnerable to crime. Young members are mentoring by police volunteers and professionals.

On 23rd March, OpB Dragon Boat had its first paddling exercise in 2019 at Marine Police North Division Shatin. The Sai Kung Fight Crime Committee Chairman, Mr Chan Kuen Kwan MH has shown support of the Team by officiating the kickoff paddling exercise ceremony by dotting eye of the “Breakthrough Dragon “.

In 2019, OpB dragon boat team will be taking part in 3 challenges, namely

1) the Dragon Boat Festival Race at Tap Mun Island on 7th June

2) the Summer Vigours Dragon Boat Race at Sai Kung on 22nd September and

3) the Police Dragon Boat Charity Race at Shatin on 12th October

We wish them all the best and looking forward to seeing their performance at the challenges.

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