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Sports can change lives is one of the Breakthrough main quotes.

In this article, we are going to know more about two of our long time Breakthrough members, Jay Junaid Razaq (“Jay”) and Khan Muhammad Mohsin (“Mohsin”) of their life changing journey with Breakthrough boxing.

Jay and Mohsin met each other through Breakthrough boxing, Jay, 20 years old who started at 2015 while Mohsin, 24, started at 2014. Jay has grown up watching boxing videos on YouTube, has been imagining how would he get on if he ever had a chance to try. While Mohsin did not have any idea what boxing is about, but both of them describe boxing is their “love at first sight”.

“I remember the first time when I trained with Breakthrough, I thought I’m doing ok, but when I looked around to my fellow peers, I realised I was very slow.” said Jay. Boxing is a very technical sports, it requires concentration, focus movements, it challenges people muscles and their mind. It was the challenging and friendly environment got them back to Breakthrough boxing training again, and again.

Surez Gurung, was their coach back then, who himself started Breakthrough boxing at (year), as a participant. Turned out, Surez has not only became their coach, but their mentor. Surez has shared his journey with both of them and taught them discipline and encourages them to only fight when they are inside the boxing ring. For many ethic minorities in Hong Kong like Mohsin, it can be difficult to fully integrate into Hong Kong cultures. “When I first came to Operation Breakthrough, my English was not very good. Surez told me what to do and what not to do in Hindi (Mohsin mother tongue). He taught me a lot.”

Both Jay and Mohsin had a few amateur fights with the police programme. Competing and training is different, it gives them a goal to work for. It also teaches them to respect the opponent. “I understand how hard I need to train if I want to win the match, and I know the opposition is doing exactly the same.” said Jay.

Mohsin believes boxing has taught him patience, never underestimate the opponent and himself, who was crowned flyweight champion at 2017 inter-school Boxing Championship. “We went there and thought, I don’t think I can win this. But I made it to the final and won.”

With the help of sports and coaches, Breakthrough participants have an opportunity to get confidence which is a good trait to have in life. It can aid in making them realise or also exceed what they previously believed may be the limit of what they can do.

Of course, not every competition they entered they got out as a winner. Experiencing failure from boxing, it opens window to work on their ability to make some choice on the ways to handle it and make it into something positive that can help them in the future.

Graduating from Operation Breakthrough doesn’t stop them going back to the training ground. Both Jay and Mohsin have gone back to Breakthrough Boxing as coaches, passing on what have they learnt, inside and outside of the boxing ring. “It feels good to be back. I started off as a student and now I can share my journey with my students.” said Mohsin. “I was once inspired by my coaches and I am very happy now I have chance to help others.” Jay added.

Both of them have completed “WORLD #1 BOXING FITNESS COURSE LEVEL 1 & 2” and become qualified boxing coach. They are not only coaching for Operation Breakthrough, also in community centres around Hong Kong. “I don’t want to waste what I learn, and it gives me more time to practice.” Both jay and Mohsin want to become professional boxer one day. While it is not easy to balance work and trainings, they are determined. “We have set our target to become qualified coaches and we achieved it. It is time to go for next goal, we want to be professional fighter.”

While they are working hard to achieve their ultimate dream, Jay has been working in Hong Kong Rugby Union (“HKRU”), as a part of Breakthrough Apprenticeship Scheme. The scheme is started in 2014 with the support of Ageas and HKRU Community Foundation which aimed at boys and girls with an interest in a sports career, but who were looking at a vocational rather than academy pathway. It provides them an insight into what working in sports is like along with the chance to attend a range of training courses. During last 20 months, Jay has qualified as World Rugby 15’s aside coaches and a qualified first aider. That could lead to another career path if he would like to pursue down the line.

Operation Breakthrough realises sports not just help the youngsters to get confidence, learn about themselves and disciplines, but also provide them a positive environment. “I am glad to meet Jay at Breakthrough, he is a nice guy and he motivates people. Most sporty people they don’t smoke or drink (no alcohol), it helps me to stay away from bad influences.” Mohsin said. “My family was not so supportive at the beginning, they saw me came home with bruises from boxing training and thought I would have given up. But I didn’t!!. I am happy to see myself as one of the last men standing. Now they are happy to see I have a goal and support me to be a professional fighter.” Mohsin added.

Besides boxing, Operation Breakthrough has 8 other sports, Rugby, Dancing, Football, Basketball, Cricket, Dragon boat, Sailing and Athletics. For donation and partnership, please email

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