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Running Back In Action!!

The annual prize presentation ceremony with Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups and Adidas was held on 4th Nov 2020 by the Tsing Yi Promenade. This ceremony is to show our appreciation to all volunteers, coaches and the outstanding trainee for the past year.

This year we also held a challenge race with HKFYG. Teams including social workers from HKFYG, staffs of Adidas, volunteers from Tsuen Wan Police District and Breakthrough trainees will be competing a 2km time trial.

Founder of Operation Breakthrough Running, Sir Mike Cartwright, Chairman of Operation Breakthrough, Sir Glenn O’Neill, Assist. Commander of Tsuen Wan District, Ms. Sharon Wong and HR & Admin Director of Adidas, Ms. Anne Tsui were presenting the awards for the night.

Sir Cartwright had also given a speech of encouragement for all trainees.

He mentioned his childhood was not easy, how he left school when he was young and moved to HK when he was just 19 years old and since he worked hard to improved his life.

He tried a numerous of sports before he gave running a go, telling how he could not run more than 5km but with determination and discipline, he finally ran marathons. And it will be his 224th times to run on 11th Nov 2020 which is aimed to help children with cancer.

Sir Cartwright finished his speech with motivation to all.

“You can do anything with determination and discipline to improve your life, school and running. Life is not easy, you have to try hard. But hard life can also be fun. Enjoy the success no matter how small.

I wish you luck in the run tonight. Winning or not, keep trying to do better. Never give up. No-one here has given up on you, don’t give up on yourself.”



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