Breakthrough Dancing was started at a time when most of the youths  in Operation Breakthrough were boys and the sports involved were more physical in nature, including boxing and rugby.  In 2005, we decided to settle on dance as the best medium to interact positively with girls.  Since then, the programme has operated on a long-term basis where girls with disadvantaged backgrounds can attend regular dance classes throughout the year.  Elementary dance classes are run every Thursday while dancers who have stayed in the programme for a long time and built up very good dance skills have their lessons on Sunday.  Elementary classes are open to new members and a number of experienced dancers help to coach new members.  A lot of bonding was formed through the interaction.  Breakthrough dancers have numerous chances to stage public performances where they can reach out to the community.  Dancers gain a lot of recognition and hence can build up their confidence and self esteem. Some performances focus on the theme of healthy lifestyle and anti-drug messages, which aim at bringing positive influence on their peers while some are volunteer works serving other vulnerable sectors of the community.  All these bring new life experiences to the participants and make a positive difference to the community as a whole. 


The programme shows how dance can be of benefit to the girls in terms of their mental as well as physical nurturing.  With mentorship and encouragement, some girls have become more able to express themselves and happier to interact with others.  Some very obvious improvement has been seen in most of our girls, in terms of their self-discipline, sense of responsibility and self-esteem. 

Modern Dancing