Breakthrough Judo commenced in December 2010 following on from the success of the Police Judo Club’s summer judo camp. We now have 25 kids of various nationalities, enrolled in this martial art activity, which takes place every Saturday at the PSRC between 16:00 – 18:00. The activity has had a promising start with the kids looking forward to progression through gradings and competitions. Most of the kids are from the Superintendent’s Discretion Scheme, arranged through Police community relations officers  SSPODIST’s office in conjunction with the HK Boys & Girls Association. Attendance has remained good - the kids generally seem happy and it is pleasing to see them progress through the Judo grading structure. Likewise, feedback from the social workers is positive. A total of 8 boys and girls have now attended the Outward Bound Programme. The benefits of participating in a gruelling 8 day Outward Bound course in terms of character development cannot be understated and all those who finish the course clearly emerge as improved characters in that they are more confident, disciplined, responsible and not only respectful of others, they respect themselves. All coaches are unpaid but qualified volunteers from the Police Judo Club and other than the provision of judo suits, running costs are minimal.