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News from Steve Tarrant 5 Nov 2012T

Rugby Update by Steve Tarrant
News from Steve Tarrant 5 Nov 2012
Well we had two wins on Sunday, which was pleasing but in rather different circumstances.
In the U14 game we played some very good rugby to beat the Lions 44 – 12. The team looked well drilled, rucked well and looked very impressive with the ball in hand re-cycling it well. They gave away a few silly penalties and still have to grasp the fact that they must get back 10yds, but other than that it was impressive stuff.
The U19s were playing Discovery Bay, who only had 12 players. They decided to forfeit the game, so we got a 20 – 0 victory in the league and play a friendly. So we lent them some players and had a friendly match. However it was a hard tough match and the boys from Discovery Bay are big lads, who run hard and tackle well. Consequently we lost 48 – 15. We competed up front in the forwards  but the boys allowed themselves to get a bit intimidated by the size and no nonsense attitude of the opposition in the backs. It was a bit disappointing really and I think we can count ourselves lucky that they conceded. It would have been closer if we had gone 15 against 12, but I am not so sure we would have won.
Next week the U14s are up again against Discovery Bay at 1pm at the Police Club.
I made a mistake about the boxing last week Sures is not HK’s first professional boxer, they were talking about someone else. However he is definitely Breakthrough’s first professional fighter and if you can get there to support him it would be great.


​Tues 30 Oct, 2012

​Well​ we had a lot of fun against the Philippine U14 and U16 side but as expected they were a bit strong for us and although they had been well beaten by the national teams on Saturday, they had not been softened up as much as we had hoped. Many of our current boys got to play and the experience was good for them.....


Rugby Updates  by Steve Tarrant, Breakthrough Director of Rugby
Tues 23 Oct, 2012

First up were the U16s against Causeway Bay and many of them are having their first few games of rugby, but you would never have guessed from some of the tackling we saw. This kept us in the game, despite giving away far to many penalties at the rucks and mauls and failing to get back 10yards. Causeway Bay scored first with a breakaway try after a nice move in the backs. We came back strongly and just before half time pulled level and we went into the break at 7-7. It looked like the game was going to finish in a draw, but some very tired legs let them in for two scores in the last couple of minutes and we lost  by 19-7. A bit disappointing but if they continue to play like this and get a better understanding of the laws then I am sure a few wins are not that far away.

The U19s played Kowloon East and in a very one sided match we ran out the winners by 90-0. Kowloon East were very poor tacklers and there is little else to say.

Next week we have the two matches against the Philippine U14 and U16 teams who are in town to play the HK select teams on the Saturday. We are hoping that they will be softened up a bit for our game on Sunday, when a joint Police/Kowloon team will take them on. Both games are at the Police Club with the U14s kicking off at 11.45am and the U16s at 1pm. Hope to see some of you there to support.

Wed 17 Oct, 2012

Well I am back from the UK and pleased to tell you that all has gone smoothly in my absence thanks to Robbie, Gunny (our head coach) and Tank (our no 2 coach).

On 31 September we took part in the U14 ten-a-side competition and got through to the Cup final, where I am told we lost in a thriller by a conversion after both sides scored 3 or 4 tries each. We have a lot of new boys in the team, so obviously this was a fantastic result.

On 7/10 the U16s and the U19s started the 15-a-side league games and we had a mixed day. The U16s,another team with a lot of new boys playing their first game, lost by two tries to nil against the combined Lions/Eagles team. However the U19s got off to a winning start by 31-14 against Aberdeen, which is a good result as they are usually a well drilled team.

On 14/10 the U14s started their 15-a-side season and we got off to a winning start by 34-17 against the Warriors, which again sounds like an exciting game.
This Sunday 21/10, sees two games at the Police Club. The U16s are playing Causeway Bay at 1pm and at 2.15pm the U19s are playing East Kowloon.Looking further ahead we have some great rugby for you on 28/10. The Philippine U14 and U16 teams are in town for games against a HK select team on Saturday and are having a second game against a combined Lions/Police team on the Sunday. The U14s are on at 11.45am and the U16s follow at 1pm. It would be great if you could make it down to support any of the games.



Photo: Some of the rugby lads getting their Outward Bound graduation certificates in September