Chan Pak Hin(陳柏軒)  Tsang Chun-nim (曾俊念)


Ah Hin, joined the Breakthrough team for the 2010/11 season when he was 14. One of his close friends had got in to trouble with the police and joined Breakthrough under the Hong Kong Police Superintendent’s Discretion Scheme. After interview by a social worker, Ah Hin was assessed as also being at risk, having needed to repeat Form 1 at school and suffering from bad influences amongst his peers.

Ah Hin was invited to join alongside his friend and it was quickly found that he was a talented young goalkeeper with a love for football. Although he was quite shy at first, he quickly developed greater self-confidence and his esteem built week after week.
A few months later Ah Hin appeared in goal for the Breakthrough team at the Yau Yee League 2010-2011 6-a-side competition. His skill and bravery in goal against powerful adult players drew many admiring comments from opposing teams and astonishment when they learned he was only 14 years old.

By the end of the season Ah Hin had come to the attention of the South China Athletic Association and was recruited to their Under-15 youth team. This is a massive achievement for a boy from the Breakthrough programme as Hong Kong first division teams usually recruit from quite select sources.

With luck and continued hard work it is hoped that Ah Hin can continue to develop under their coaching into a first division footballer and who knows if he might even go further. But even without this opportunity, he has already shown a change in commitment to self-improvement and confidence in his ability to succeed.





















Tsang Chun-nim(曾俊念)​

Chan Pak Hin (陳柏軒)

​Ah Nim joined Breakthrough in the 2008/2009 season when he was 15. He is the eldest son of a typical Hong Kong single-income working class family but was having trouble at school, failing subjects, lacking motivation and suffering from low personal esteem.


He came to the attention of the Mongkok Police school liaison sergeant via the school masters and was recruited in to the Breakthrough programme to provide him with the mentoring and support of peers, as well as opportunity to develop confidence and purpose.


Although having some football skills, Ah Nim did not immediately come to attention for that but instead really stood out from the other new recruits for his determination and effort in training and games. His commitment continued to grow as he responded well to the encouragement of the older boys and police mentors. By the end of the season Ah Nim had regained purpose and self-esteem to such an extent that he became a champion for Breakthrough, encouraging other at risk boys in his school to join the programme.

 The school recognized Ah Nim’s turn around by giving him the responsibility of a school prefect, where he continued to develop his confidence. Ah Nim has said that he personally felt that his communication skill, self-discipline, judgment and values have been greatly improved since joining Breakthrough.

 Although he has stood down from his prefect duties to concentrate on studying for the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education in his final year of schooling, Ah Nim remains in Breakthrough and now assists the coaches and mentors, supporting the younger boys and leading warm-up exercises amongst them. Ah Nim was also one of the youngest players on the Breakthrough team to compete in the Yau Yee League’s 2010/11 6-a-side competition, which set him against adult players and, despite his age and size, competed with a huge heart and tremendous effort.