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End of year Breakthrough rugby get together.

Today we held our Christmas Party at the Police Club. We started with a six team touch tournament organised by Ivan and Tank. Playing touch rugby game gave the age groups and the girls a chance to play together and everyone had a great time. The winners got to play the coaches, which ended in a face saving 2-2 draw. Above is a group photo taken after the touch.

It was then into the clubhouse for some food, drinks and a lucky draw. Thanks to some generous donations from Mike Horner, Martin Downey and Robbie everyone got a prize. We were also very pleased to welcome back “Woody” who played for Breakthrough up to a couple of years ago. Thanks to a loan from his relatives, he is just about to open a sports shop in San Po Kong and he brought along some boots, shoes, shirts and belts to give away to everyone. These were very popular and it was great to see how he has matured. He is very grateful for everything that Breakthrough had done for him and he was pleased to have the opportunity to give something back, which really made me feel good and reminded me why Breakthrough is so special. I wish him every success in his new venture and will publish details of his shop in the new year. He deserves to do well.

Don’t forget New Year’s Day at the Football Club. Ken is playing in the main game and we have two girls playing in a game at midday, so if you are down watching please shout them on.

Happy Christmas to you all. We don’t have any training on the next two Wednesdays as they fall on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, so I will be back in 2015.

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