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Wong Yee Chau Potential and Confidence Development Camp

An eventful 3-day 2-night potential and confidence development camp has finally concluded with the participation of 39 Operation Breakthrough beneficiaries, 7 police volunteers and 1 social worker. 

Participants gathered at Sai Kung pier on 29th December and were ferried across to Wong Yee Chau to kick start their adventure. 

To help them reach their full potential, various activities were designed to challenge their creativity and teamwork. With the support of instructors and volunteers, we were able to witness many of them stepping out their comfort zone and really challenging themselves, whether physically, socially or psychologically. 

Without the stressful hustle of life and the distractions of electronics, the star glazing activity on the first night created the best environment for all participants to relax and reflect on their life journey. Trust and bonds were made that evening with social workers and volunteers going around and getting to know each of them in more depth.

At the end of the night, each of them shouted their names and dreams out loud to the sky, it was an impactful moment that symbolises their commitment and determination to their goals in the future. 

On day two, there were 2 main activities, dodge disc and colourful arrow hunting, where participants were divided into teams. All tasks required seamless teamwork and good communication to complete. 

And the day finished with a barbecue and campfire. 

Director of Modern Dance, Miss Deny Leung shared a story about fire, about being passionate for living and having a clear goal in life. In return, we tested their creativity by asking them to present us a story related to fire and the performances were scored by their peers.

With the guidance of the instructors and volunteers, participants accomplished all the exercises on their own. This gave them total ownership and responsibility for their actions and also allowed them to identify their own strengths and learning to appreciate others.

This camp is a success because of everyone’s commitment and support. Operation Breakthrough would like to thank all the instructors, volunteers, social worker and the participants who involved. 


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